John Tran

Xin chào! I'm John, and I'm a Senior in Computer Science at the University of Oklahoma. I'll be graduating in May 2019. I'm the Founder and the Executive Director of Hacklahoma and the President of the OU Student Chapter ACM. My mission with those is to create a diverse and inclusive tech community that accepts people of all backgrounds, majors, and skill levels in Oklahoma. I also play guitar and have a huge appreciation for music, games, architecture, and dogs.

I also had three internships. I'll start with my latest. I'm working at AT&T developing a fullstack application with AngularJS, MySQL, JPA, and Java in a team of eight. It gives a way for employees to access learning and career opportunities within the company. My second internship was with Sandia National Labs, where I optimized model calculations with multidimensional interpolation. My first internship was after my freshman year at Kirtland Air Force Base AFRL, where I created a graphical user interface for general purpose telescope control in a team of two using Java.

My next step in life is to land a good full time software development/engineering job, since I'll be graduating soon! I'm also open to internships. If you happen to be able to connect me with these opportunities, drop me an email! And if you have any other inquires, don't hesitate to talk to me!